Knitted Cable Vest

Isn't this a beautiful knitted vest? It looks so comfy and with the blue jeans and plaid shirt it looks so casual. I love to knit, but my fingers these days are not cooperating with the knitting needles. So I prefer to crochet. I'm pretty sure that this pattern could be converted to a crochet pattern. Maybe down the road I will try to duplicate it in crochet. But for those of you that love to knit, I think it would be a beautiful addition to anyone's wardrobe. Paton yarns has this "free" pattern. Just click on the picture below and you will be redirected to the pattern. I have also included some really cute crocheted sweaters and vests at the bottom of this post.
I also love different crochet stitches and patterns for making different scarves and pullover sweaters. Here are a few stitches and tutorials that might interest that avid crochet person...
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Oh how I love to collect pins on Pinterest. I'm pretty sure everyone has pinned at least one item to a their boards. I collect so many, I sometimes think I'm the Pinning Queen. I love great recipes and fun crafts. I made my living for many years as a stain glass artist. There wasn't a day I went to work that I didn't love it. Doing what you love for a living is a great thing. I retired about 6 years ago and have been having fun dabbling in my old occupation as a craft person. Only this time, so I don't wear out my hands completely, I have decided to work with yarn. So much softer and so much easier to work with. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to add a few crochet pins that I think are adorable. At some point in time, I'm sure I will get around to making at least one or two of the items from below. You can also find more great crochet items on my "Crochet Board" on Pinterest. I have not just sweaters, but lots of really fun things to make that are crocheted.

Also, as I said I collect so many ideas and recipes. I spent the whole month of January sorting everything out on all my boards. Now I'm able to find things very easily. It's worth it to have a plan when you are pinning things.  If you would like to visit my "Other Boards", just click on the Pinterest logo or my picture. You will be redirected to all those great ideas.
Here are a few "pins" I picked out that I thought would go great with this post. All adorable and pretty easy to make. Maybe one of them will catch your eye. I also found a great website for knitting and crocheting many years ago. The name of the website is "Garn Studio". It is a pattern company in England and they have thousands of beautiful patterns. Just click on their logo and you will be redirected to their website. Worth the look...
Now here are the pins I referenced above...
            Dainty Miss                    Buttoned Crochet Wrap   
Origami Swing Sweater                               Long Tunic Vest
       Vienna Sweater                         Long Crochet Cardigan
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And just for good measure, here are a few recipe posts from Cafe' Hoffy. All tried and true and really, really good...especially the dessert recipes... "Oh Yeah"!
         Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bars       Cherry Cheese Danish                  
             Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle      Cinnamon Rolls                      
        Coconut Berry Cake             Inside Out Neapolitan Cake
Krispy Ice Cream Triangles                   The Pumpkin Patch
Well, that's it for today. It started with a knitting project that I turned into a possible crocheting project...added a few recipes and crafts to top it off.  I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time...
Always remember..."Life's dessert first!"

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