Summery Purse...

A summer purse with a small makeup bag or coin purse to match. This pattern is however no longer available through Butterick. But it can be purchased on ebay or Amazon. There are a few different purse patterns included.  You can find lots of listings for this pattern on ebay. You can check them out "here"... There's also lots of purse patterns out of print on Pinterest and Amazon. Some prices are good, some not so good.
Here is another link from Amazon for this pattern...

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Like everyone else, I collect "Pins" on Pinterest. A place where we can all put our creative ideas, recipes, decorating and just about anything you can think of in one place. Makes life so much easier than having file folders filed with papers that you might never get back to.

Here are a few more Pinterest Pins for making purses and totes. They are all adorable and appear to be pretty easy to make. I'm hoping to have enough time to make the Chelsea purse and tote from Lazy Girl Designs. It's both a purse and a back pack in one. I love the idea because there are so many times when you don't want your purse on your shoulder. It's handle can be zipped down to make two shoulder straps for a backpack style purse or tote.
I would possibly consider myself the "Pinning Queen"...LOL! You might be interested in checking out my "Sewing Board" or my "Purse and Tote Board" for more cute purse ideas. Also, I have thousands of great "Pins" on just about anything... You can check my "Other Boards" by clicking on my picture below.
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Updating posts takes lots of time...but it's fun to do. I'm going over old posts that need a little love and updating. If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy other posts on Cafe' Hoffy. If you would like to see more, just click on the "More Recipes" or "More Crafts" and you will be redirected to the Cafe' Hoffy indexes for both categories...
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Another day, another post updated. I hope you enjoyed this post on handmade purses and totes. A girl can't have too many purses, right?
Always remember...Life's short,eat dessert first!...words to live by!

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