Kitty Sewing Machine Cover....

Over the years I have collected thousands of patterns that I think are cute.  Because I love to sew, my sewing machine is always out.  I found that if I put it away, I wouldn't sew anything because it was always a hassle to pull everything out over and over again.
So now my sewing machine has a place where I can always use  it and is covered with this cute kitty cover.  When I get the urge, I remove the sewing machine cover and I'm ready to go. I thought this cover was a cute addition. 
Although the pattern is no longer available through McCalls, you can purchase it HERE on ebay. You can also purchase it on Amazon with "free shipping" with Prime.
I did come across another kitty pattern on etsy that appears to be the same pattern, only updated. If interested, just click on the picture below and you will be redirected to etsy for purchasing.
You have to admit, it's an adorable pattern for those kitty lovers. It includes two types of sewing machine covers and pin cushions to match. The original pattern also includes a sewing machine organizer that fits under your sewing machine. See picture below.
Here are the supplies needed for this pattern. 
If you enjoyed this post, which I admit is short, but found out that patterns from yesteryear are still available if you just look for them on the internet, then I did my job. 
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Like everyone, I collect "Pins" on Pinterest. Finally a place to keep all those great ideas, recipes and everything else you can think of. I spent the whole month of January sorting, deleting and categorizing all my pins. There was a time when all those ideas were in different places all over the house in folders. Now, you can carry your ideas with you. That's one of the good things about technology.

I have lots of pins on sewing ideas. You might want to check them out on my "Sewing Board". You can also visit my "Other Boards" for great pins to save to your boards. Just click on the Pinterest logo or my picture and you will be redirected to those boards...
Here are a few pins I found on Pinterest that relate to sewing machine covers. All of them are so cute and would make anyone's sewing room just a little cuter...just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the contributor's website.
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I love sharing things that interest me. I do hope this little post gave  you some inspiration for your sewing room....until next time...
Always remember..."Life's short, eat dessert first!"...words to live by!

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