Wine Glass Art

I have made many, many of these glasses. So much fun to give as gifts. I've made them for birthdays, weddings, bridesmaid gifts, for our bowling league, for anniversaries, for donations to charity silent auctions, and Christmas gifts. For special people I added the cloth bag with a bottle of vino. You can make them with flowers, doggy prints, cat prints and a million other cute designs. 
Before you start your wine glass project, here are some tips so your project turns out just the way you want...

9 Tricks for painting on glass by Nicole Tinkham

Painting on glass or cloth is not as intimidating as it looks.  Using the correct brushes and paint makes the job a whole lot easier.  I taught myself with the help of Donna Dewberry.  With a little practice anyone can become a proficient painter. Using paints made specifically for glass and paint pens makes the job very easy.

Donna Dewberry's technique is very user friendly. Check out her website for easy instructions. Also check out the video below on "How to make the Cabbage Rose"  

Good luck and have fun creating these really special gifts.  Also check out her website for more information on her products,  "One Stroke" by Donna Dewberry. Her "One-Stroke" method is a lot of fun and really easy to learn. There are many ideas for wine glasses on Pinterest.  Be sure to check them out!

These were very fun to make using different methods. Some are painted on and some are vinyl using the Cricut Exporer One for the designs.
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I hope you enjoyed browsing this post. Making personal wine glasses are so fun to do for those special people in your life...
Always remember..."Life's dessert first!"...words to live by

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