The Perfect Organized Purse

If you would like a "My Perfect Organized Purse pattern, just hit the "Print" button...I'm sure you will agree this is the perfect organized purse. Lots of pockets to organize everything in your purse.
"Free Purse Pattern"
I'm always looking for the perfect purse.  I've spent hours agonizing over purses in stores.  I finally decided to attempt making what I thought was the perfect purse. I knew I wanted lots of pockets and organization so that I could just reach in my purse and find exactly what I was looking for.  

I thought long and hard and came up with this design.  I absolutely love it! I store my cell phone in one of the two pockets on the back and I usually carry a bottle of water which fits perfectly in the other pocket on the back.  The front pocket is long so that you can put your receipts in it.  I don't know about you, but I've always got a lot of paper receipts and other notes that get lost in my purse.  This pocket solves that problem. I also keep my coin purse in this pocket for easy access.

The inside has 8 separate pockets for your wallet, checkbook, if you carry one, charge cards and gift cards for another pocket, your glasses in another pocket and a few pockets left over for whatever you want to carry. The center of the purse is wide open for your makeup bag or any extras.

This pattern which I designed is very easy to make and can be made with just about any fabric.  My birdhouse purse was made from 2 placemats that I didn't use anymore, but didn't want to get rid of them because they were so, voila'...I made them into a purse...LOL! I hope you find this purse to be as great as I do...FINALLY..."The Perfect Organized Purse"!

"My Perfect Organized Purse"

Back view with (2) pockets for cell phone and possibly a bottle of water
Back View
Front view with long pocket in front for receipts, paper, long objects and coin purse
Inside view with (8) pockets for organization and a center for all other items that you carry.  
Inside view

I love "My Perfect Organized Purse"... finally a purse made for total organization. I Love all the pockets!!!!!

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Purses are such a girly just can't have enough. Some ladies have a thing for shoes and some have a thing for purses. I personally love them all!

Always remember..."Life's short, eat dessert first!"...words to live by

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