Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts

I love quilts...any kind, any pattern and any color. I love their designs and I know all the work and love that goes into creating a quilt. I also love "Memory Quilts" and have made many for graduations and for relatives of loved ones who have passed on. I do make them for customers.  If interested, just use the "contact form" in the sidebar and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with information on sizing and pricing. Quilting is very therapeutic. It's very exciting when all your chosen colors come together to make a masterpiece.  I'm sure this is how artists feel after painting a beautiful creation. 
I decided I didn't want a full quilt on my bed.  So, I created a coverlet instead. As I've aged, I tend to get too warm at night.  So this was a great alternative.
This one was squares within squares. I made it for my granddaughter. Each piece of fabric in the quilt was leftovers from making doll clothes, or other things I had made for her.
I added her name to it, so she knows that it was made just for her.
This quilt was for my grandson, Emmett...very colorful and warm for a little boy.
The picture on the quilt is a picture of the house I grew up in. Many years ago I gave a pillow to my Mom and Dad with "free sewn" picture on it.  My parents have long passed and I decided to attach it to one my quilts.  Every time I look at the quilt it brings back lots of memories of my childhood.
This quilt is hanging on my living room wall.  We have very high ceilings and this fills the wall beautifully.
I love the colors in this quilt.  They compliment our living room nicely.
This pillow was made with a tea towel that my daughter gave to me.  We have a tiny house on a lake and I didn't want to destroy the towel.  So I made a quilted pillow out of it...
When I was visiting some friends in Alabama, I saw a barn quilt that I fell in love with. It was outside of a veterinary office.  My daughter is a RAGOM volunteer and has had many doggies pass through her and her husband's home.  I thought what a great Christmas present for them. So rather than making a quilt out of material, I painted it on plywood.  After finishing the painting, I coated it with multiple layers of urethane to protect it from the weather elements. It was a hit...sometime in the future I will write a post on "Barn Quilts"...that will be a fun one!
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I'm hoping to start another quilt soon that I saw on Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love her videos and all the fabrics and patterns that this company carries.  Here is a link to their website.
The quilt that I'm interested in making is a hexagon patch quilt.  It's done in a very interesting way. The video below explains this technique. I've already tried it on scrap fabric and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.  I wanted to make the one that is in the video with all those beautiful colors, but you can't buy that charm pack anymore. Very sad.... but, I'll come up with beautiful colors that will work and will update this post when completed.
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Here is the pattern for this particular quilt. You can also order this on the 

You will also need the hexagon template which can also be ordered through their website.
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Here are a few quilt ideas that I have fallen in love with. The colors are wonderful and would make great presents for anyone. I guess I love block quilts the best. They can be made with small blocks or large blocks. The first quilt is from an old magazine. I loved the colors and stripes. There is no link to this quilt, it's just eye candy.
I also collect "Pins" on quilting for ideas for future quilting projects. You can visit my "Sewing-Quilts board" on Pinterest for more great ideas...You can also visit my other boards by clicking on the Pinterest Logo or my picture. 
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Well, I guess that's it for today...so many quilts, so little time. I hope you enjoyed my post on quilts. Love making them, and love giving them....
Always remember..."Life's short, eat dessert first!"...words to live by

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