Family Calendars...a great present for everyone!

Personalizing a family calendar is a lot of work, but so much fun. Every event in one place with pictures of the previous year's activities make this calendar so special and personal. 

I add everyone's birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events like weddings, graduations or new baby arrivals with pictures taken by all of us during the previous year or gather them from Facebook. There are a lot of companies that can create your calendar for you. Here are a few companies that can help you with your personalized calendar...
Using a print shop type program makes it so easy to create each calendar.  I used a program to make mine. Broderbund has a great calendar creator. It's fun to see everyone's face when they see pictures that they have taken over the year.  It takes a little time, but is well worth the effort.  I give them to all of the family members as a Christmas present.  Sometimes I add recipes or other items that might have occurred in the previous year, along with updated emails or information that has changed. This keeps all our information in one place so we can keep in contact with each other.  
There a lots of ways to create your personal calendar for you and your family besides making it totally yourself. These calendars are so personal and make such a great Christmas, Holiday or Birthday gift for everyone in your family. Here are a few websites that can help you create your "personalized" calendar. Just click on the pictures and it will redirect you to websites that can create your calendars for you...
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 It's so much fun posting great ideas and recipes to share with people you know and people you've never met. I especially liked this post because it is a great gift for everyone. Here are a few Cafe' Hoffy posts that you might also like. The links below will take you to all of Cafe' Hoffy posts. Just click on the category that you are interested in..."More Recipes" or "More Crafts".
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I also collect "Pins" on lots of different subjects that interest me.  I'm sure everyone does that now. I have lots of great over 13,000. You could call me the "Pinterest Queen". LOL! You can visit my "Gift Board"  and "Card, Gift Boxes & Calendars Board" on Pinterest for more great gift ideas...

You can also visit my "Other Boards" by clicking on the Pinterest Logo or my picture for thousands of great recipes and ideas...
Here are a few "Pins" from Pinterest that relate to my post...just click on the pictures and you will be redirected to the contributor's website...
Along with making calendars, you can also make cookbooks. Always a welcome gift to family members especially for wedding gifts. Tried and true recipes for the new bride.
Exploding photo boxes are also a great graduation, wedding, or birthday present. I've made several of these for graduations and Christmas presents. A lot of fun to make!
Here is a website that has a free printable calendar that is editable. An easy way to start a personalized calendar for family.
Then there are the digital planners. This website is a one stop shop for planners. Check it out if you think this might right for you.
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Well, a lot of information for one post. I love my personalized calendars...and when I give them it puts lots of smiles on many, many faces...
Always remember...Life's short, so eat dessert first!...words to live by!

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